Friday, April 8, 2011

Evening everyone

Evening! Hope everyone is having a great Friday! I am! Just wanted to share this video with everyone thought it was one of his best! If you don't know him his name is Ray William Johnson and he has a youtoube series called =3. His videos are so funny! Well, onto WoW, anyone playing tonight?! I'm just questing around on my hunter currently lvl 71. If anyone is on the Lighteninghoof server shoot me a message at Dunen! I'm thinking of making a video soon. Completely random. If you have an ideas for my movie leave me a comment!

I'm back!

Hello everyone, my internets been down for a while but I'm back! I'll be posting more blogs today, how is everyone?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Midterms, DONE!

Finished all my midterms today, didn't do so hot in math. Bench pressed 185 in Weight Training /flex :P Well looks like just a nice calm relaxing night of some heroics. Anyone on the Lighteninghoof server?!